October 5, 2012



It’s 10:05 AM, and my calves are killing me. I’ve just taken my usual route to the student center and even though I didn’t go up the Alkek stairs the walk uphill is just as steep. I just dogged my banana nut bread granola bar and boy was it delicious. I have an hour to kill before my last class and what better way to do so then sitting outside enjoying the breeze. The high is 90 today and it may be the last, fingers crossed. Texas is weather is too bipolar to depend on.

I did start this blog with the intentions of keeping it as an online diary but now I know this is highly unlikely. It’s almost been a week since I last posted mostly because I’m lazy and sick. I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now, it started when a girl was sneezing and coughing on the bus, my immune system must have been really low because I got the sniffles right after her first few coughs. Since then I’ve had a terrible cough and I began thinking maybe I have mold poisoning, but that’s the paranoid parrot in me. 

Now it’s 10:16 and I just want to stop writing because this isn’t going anywhere. I did jots down bits and pieces of what happened this week so I’ll just re-write them here.

September 30, 2012

This was a Sunday, and I did nothing special. I slept, watch Judy and Benji on Youtube, ate breakfast, washed my clothes, cleaned my room, dried my clothes, watched more Youtube, washed more clothes, removed dog hair from my blanket, dried more clothes, and then watched TV. I stayed home all day just to do what was previously stated. 

October 1, 2012

IT’S OCTOBER! My favorite month (and apparently everyone else’s). The weather is nice, the holidays are starting, and most of all it’s the month in which HALLOWEEN happens. Halloween is my favorite “holiday” of all, quotation marks because we shouldn’t have to come to class on this day. 

My day didn’t start off too well. In English class we were free writing and I was dying. Dying to cough but I knew it was going to be a super loud cough so I tried to drink it down with water but that didn’t work. My body started convulsing and my eyes starting tearing up. A teardrop even fell onto my paper. Finally the free write was over and the chatter started. I let out my cough and it was worse than expected. I’ve forgotten what it sounded like, but it was gross. After class I was not feeling good at all, so my friend and I decided to skip our next class and we went to her dorm to watch Vampire Diaries.. it’s a good show but I’m afraid to go past the first few episodes because I don’t want to add more fangirl moments to my life. The rest of my day went as usual, lunch, physics, bus ride home, TV, dinner, then sleep. I also got to break in my new riding boots which I have been waiting for two years already to get. I love them so much. Here’s a picture of them now. 


October 2, 2012

Tuesday. This is when I started to think that maybe I would do weekly blogs. But I’m still not sure. I didn’t go to any of my classes because I was feeling really sick. I stayed in bed all day and because it was National Night Out my sister and I went to our library for 30 minutes where there were hot dogs, balloons, the fire department, and a moonwalk. Afterwards we went home and watched The Voice and New Girl.

The rest of my week was just the same. Nothing extraordinary, extravagant, or unusual. I was going to add those pictures of my brother but I have to go before I’m late for class.




September 29, 2012



It’s 12:49 AM and I’m laying on my leopard print bedsheets with my head resting on my zebra print pillow. The position is comfortable but I will soon move around as I always do.

I recently came upon an app, Craftgawker, which is why I’m now here writing my first blog post. Seeing women with blogs showing off their cooking skills, photography skills, and crafting skills pushed me to create my own.

I’m just going to start with (hopefully) daily blogs and see where things go. I guess like a diary for everyone to see. Duh. I’m a new college student and I’m trying to adjust to my new “adult” life. So here goes:

Today or yesterday since it’s now 1:00 AM, my brother got his first haircut. He’s a year old and has his own story to tell which I will share soon. Before finding a kid based hair shop my mother and I first had to get approval from my dad. Because most Mexican’s believe in many superstitions my dad (and I) thought he’d go blind if he got a haircut before being baptized. Turns out that one might be false because John (my brother) hasn’t shown any signs yet. Although he was rubbing his eye a lot when I was putting him to sleep. Back to the topic, after getting approval I found the nearest hair salon and a coupon. After making a quick lunch break at Kreuz Market we were finally on our way. The salon I found was Snip-its and was very kid friendly. The colors were bright and pleasing to John because he walked in with a smile bigger than usual. Overall the cutting process went fine and John didn’t get scared when the buzzer came out. Included in our package was a certificate, lock of hair, and picture which I will add now.


I’m going to end here it’s now 1:21 AM and I have no idea why I’m even up this late. Yes, I’m 18 and 1:21 AM is late to me.